The World Wide Waterfalls Web!

This web is dedicated to Griff who was my best friend.

Last update: Jan. 1, 2011. I have added the links to Google Map for Japanese Best 100 Waterfalls page, please click the Seat or Drainage of the table contents. And also added some links for world waterfalls like as Espania and Portugal section.
Thanks Falzguy and other fellows for your good help!
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The web-master is Kazu who is one of the "waterfall lovers" in Japan. Although he made this site quite to the index for himself, linking without commercial use is free, of course.
This site consists of the simple links to the waterfalls around the world, and his original selection for Japanese Best 100 Waterfalls.
If you have any information about the waterfalls in your country, would you like to tell him? He thinks to reflect it to this small room. Japanese, and English are both accessible.